EntrInno aims to address the needs for optimizing the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in the EU. Its main focus is to enhance the skills of young EU citizens, a crucial population of a progressive, entrepreneurial and market-based economy and society. For that purpose, the partership will develop an interactive online game accessible online and offline tha may be adapted to fit various contexts. The work of the consortium will be broken down into a series of overlapping phases incorporating research and analysis, design and development, testing and implementation, validation, localization, communication and exploitation of project outputs.

The project’s main goals include:

  • Development of an online game designed to equip adult learners with the right skills
  • Validation of gaming as a novel form of non-formal learning practice
  • Strengthening the cooperation & exchange of information and good practices between different areas of Europe
  • Supporting the development of the EU as a knowledge-based society
  • Provision of an innovative ICT-based educational practice that will motivate young adults to commit to active learning

The project envisaged impact is:

  • To combat low levels of entrepreneurial skills and attitudes among EU citizens;
  • Empower learners to become creators of their own entrepreneurial initiatives (individually or collaboratively)
  • To provide innovative pedagogical methods, best practice guidelines, and strategies towards the use of advanced learning environments such as an online game and supportive tools in adult training;
  • To empower all stakeholders to use innovative ICT-based educational practices and resources in enhancing people’s entrepreneurial, communication, collaboration, decision making, problem solving, creativity and innovation skills;
  • To inspire, guide, and facilitate the use of games in education by building cultures, and communities through the use of Web 2.0 technologies.

The main services provided by KMOP include the following:

  • Contribution to the national and transnational State of the Art and Gap Analysis Report;
  • Co-development of the Curriculum, Storyboards and Content for fostering EU citizens’ entrepreneurship and innovation skills and attitude;
  • Contribution to the design and development of the online game and mobile appplication;
  • Implementation of Pilot Testing with 30 stakeholders and 30 young adults;
  • Production of national pilot report;
  • Co-development of a training adaptation toolkit providing guidelines to stakeholders on how to integrate the EntrInno online game platform in their normal training activities;
  • Organisation of 2 national stakeholder seminars;
  • Participation in dissemination and exploitation activities at national and EU level. 


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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