MOVE ON intends to contribute to strengthening the skills and capacities of adult learners in the participating organisations, countries and across Europe with the ultimate goal of enhancing their skills and knowledge in providing the right career guidance and counseling to EU migrants, paying particular attention to issues impacting on gender and culture as these are manifested at the recruitment stage but also at the workplace and remuneration.

Using a user-led methodology and by building on evidence from existing best practices, the project will exchange innovative models:

  1. to give staff of partner organizations the opportunity to participate to a dedicated and proven accredited training programme originally developed in Germany concerning gender and culturally sensitive guidance services to migrants;
  2. to share knowledge and successful practices across Europe concerning methods currently in use in the partner countries;
  3. to identify the profile requirements of career advisors for migrants paying particular attention to issues of gender and culture.

The main services provided by KMOP include the following:

  • Coordinationon of the state of the art research on gender and diversity sensitive educational and counselling methods
  • Contribution to the development of the teaching programme and related materials on gender and diversity sensitive career guidance and counselling for migrants
  • Contribution to the elaboartion of a catalogue of profile requirements for a gender and culturally sensitive career advising
  • Participation in dissemination and exploitation activities at national and EU level.
  • Participation to a short-term joint staff training event in Italy, focused on the fundamentals of educational counseling for migrants, dealing with gender-specific requirements, characteristics of quality in educational counseling for migrants etc.
  • Organisation of a local Round table discussion to disseminate project results to stakeholders and organizations who could play a multiplier role aiming to share the lessons learnt with a larger group of stakeholders and to collect inputs for the further implementation and offer of the training programme.


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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