The primary goal of the MiGreat! project is to train a group of migrant trainers (VETPROS) by developping a series of online educational material and mobile technology applications aimed at empowering Migrants to make best use of their existing knowledge, skills and competences and thus more quickly move into the job market or C-VET of their hosting country.

The project builds upon the experience of partners from Italy , Greece, Sweden, Austria and the UK.  The Swedish learning methododoly "Cicero" will be used as a starting point. It has proven to be successful in facilitating immigrants’ and refugees’ access to employment by helping them qualify in skills necessary to enter the labour market. The aim is to make this immersive method available free of charge for formal and informal learning via an app with associated eLearning and training for VETPROS.

The project outcomes include:

  1. A self-help App focusing on introducing real work situations, skills and dialogues. Particular focus on areas of immediate employment for immigrants and refugees, upon ‘coaching principles’ and social networking where users are set a series of practical challenges and activities relating to continued vocational training or education (CVET) in a new country;
  2. An Open Educational Resource (OER) eLearning platform for training VETPROS based upon a scenario based method,  on integration and demands of working life on such subjects; Employers perspectives, analysing their own skills, job interviews, social and cultural skills and self-motivation. Focus entering CVET and on employment in Health, Construction, Textiles, Agriculture Care work and Services;
  3. A set of 11 modules to be used by VETROS training  immigrants on subjects such as; Labour market, employment laws, discrimination, social partners, salaries/taxes/pensions, finding work, writing CVs, starting your own business, networking and lifelong learning via CVET and Assessment of Prior Learning (APL.);
  4. A training course (based on ECVET principles) for VETPROS on how to use the created outputs in training of migrants for a faster inclusion in the labour market.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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