The objective of the JUMP project is to develop coaching/training tools (PHASE 1) addressed to social professionals to assist them in their daily activities with women belonging to disadvantaged groups (e.g. women with low income, low-educated women, unskilled mothers, mothers being the sole head of the household, etc.).

These modules, designed also following existing best practices, will allow social professionals to better identify recipients’ recurrent underlying challenges (parenting issues, socio/cultural/linguistic hindrance to labour market integration, etc.) as well as recipients’ valuable assets that can be mobilised to boost their capabilities (relational capital, skills acquired through motherhood, potentialities related to their socio/cultural specificities, etc.).

Learning modules will be then used (PHASE 2) by a large sample of social professionals from Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia to develop individualised coaching paths addressed to disadvantaged mothers (ca 150) with the aim to increase their resiliency skills, activate processes of self-evaluation, provide relational assets and information to be used as capability boosters, and provide skills and self-reflective capacities to re-arrange care tasks, when needed, in order to achieve labour market outcomes.

Dissemination and outreach activities will be developed throughout the whole project, also through the broadcasting of webminars and the organization of high-impact in regional conferences (in Italy, Croatia and Greece).

JUMP sees the participation of different types of organizations as research institutions, welfare providers, non profit organizations dealing with adult training and assistance, social profit organizations. The partnership focuses on Southern Europe (I, ES, GR) and one South-Eastern European country (HR) and has an impressive curricula of working with women employability, training and assistance. Its' furthermore worth mentioning how an active participation of social professionals from all partner institutions is planned, both in the modules design and in the testing phases; furthermore, a sample of recipients (vulnerable women with small children) will be actively involved in the second phase of the project, being the final beneficiaries of the developed coaching methodology.

JUMP will exert a significant impact both within partner organizations (that will adopt the developed working approach within their regular working practices) and in the different stakeholder communities thanks to the partnership close links and outreach capacity with a broad range of players.


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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