The project’s scope is to promote political and social participation of young EU citizens at local, national and EU levels, by developing civic engagement though the design and development of an interactive gamified platform, based on learning and exchange of views and ideas, combining inclusive non-formal education as well as networking and active community engagement.

The project tackles the problem of social and political alienation and withdrawal faced by young Europeans, reflected in the low rates of their participation in political, civic and social life, which leads to marginalisation and social exclusion. This form of marginalisation is primarily expressed as electoral abstinence and limited interest in civic and social actions, but it can be also expressed in extreme cases as radicalisation and violent actions, undermining contemporary ideas of democracy and peace.

The main objectives of the project are the following:

  • Educate and equip young EU citizens with civic skills, through an entertaining and engaging learning environment.
  • Create an innovative, inclusive non-formal educational tool which addresses diversity in education and training, developing social, civic and intercultural competences and media literacy.
  • Provide an accessible way for EU young citizens to express their political, economic and social views and opinions and to collaborate with other community members.
  • Strengthen civic cooperation and exchange of information and good practices across EU.
  • Combat against social exclusion and civic apathy of EU young adults.

The project comprises five main Work Packages, which are the following:

  • WP 1: Background Analytical Work (Research Phase & Assessment and analysis phase)
  • WP 2: Design & Development of Curriculum, Storyboards and Content for the “EmpoweringYou” platform
  • WP 3: Technological Infrastructure, Online platform and Mobile Application for the “EmpoweringYou” platform
  • WP 4: Pilot Testing for the “EmpoweringYou” platform (2 Sessions, 1 with representatives of National Stakeholders and 1 Session with members of the target groups)
  • WP 5: Training Handbook & Training of the ‘EmpoweringYou” platform addressed to representatives of National Stakeholders to ensure Exploitation campaign

The target group of the project are young adults aged 18-35 who present common social alienation and withdrawal characteristics such as ESL, NEET, electoral abstinence, violent behaviour, etc.

The importance of the project’s transnationality lies with its main scope, to promote political and social participation of youth at EU level, promoting simultaneously education on common European democratic values, as well as collaboration, communication and networking among young EU adults, who share more or less the same problems and face the same challenges. In order for the platform to deploy and address the multiple needs of different EU countries, the project will provide the input of transnational partners and target groups from different EU regions, supporting the dissemination of the platform across Europe.

EmpoweringYou Transnational Report

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