The aim of the DropIn project is to work trans-nationally to enhance the basic and transversal skills and competences of young people who have dropped out of the formal education system (with emphasis on NEETs), (re)introducing them in informal and non-formal learning, based on an innovative, tailor-made capacity-building model, with the aim to ultimately facilitate their socio-economic (re)integration and employability.

The project seeks to establish alternative pathways for youth Early School Leavers (ESL) and drop outs towards social inclusion and ultimately entering the labour market.

The proposed methodology foresees the design and development of an online self-capacitating and networking platform with gamification elements. The project will follow a holistic approach built around direct feedback of the young beneficiaries, who will be actively involved in the design, development and testing process of the self-capacitating e-platform, and will act as Ambassadors and “lead” targeted large-scale awareness raising campaigns, with the support of the project consortium, aiming to promote the newly developed e-platform to engage their peers.

The results of the DropIn project are the following:

  1. Development of an interactive e-learning and networking platform, built around the principles of game theory, incorporating gamification elements, an educational approach proven to motivate and engage –particularly young, but not only- learners, inspiring them to continue learning, by maximizing enjoyment.
  2. Continuous, throughout project duration, engagement and involvement of the young beneficiaries in all intellectual, development and communication/dissemination processes, primarily in the design and development process of the e-platform content and function, as well by guiding and capacitating them to act as “Ambassadors” promoting, through a series of targeted awareness raising & engagement campaigns, the developed e-platform to engage their peers.
  3. Set-up of at least 4 Coaching & Support Hubs, utilizing the expertise of the partners’ staff, to serve as centres of further support and guidance for the beneficiaries who will enroll and follow the online capacity building course. In the Coaching & Support Hubs the young drop-outs will be able to seek specific guidance, information and support with regards to utilizing the newly acquired skills and seeking further informal and non-formal learning opportunities.
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