The objective of PROMYSE is to promote social entrepreneurship in the health/ social care sectors as an alternative pathway to youth self-sustainability, by developing the social entrepreneurship and business skills of unemployed youth, with relevant educational or professional background, and raising awareness on the benefits and added value of social enterprises to the community as a whole.

PROMYSE will embody a multi-agent approach by capitalizing on the diverse knowledge and experience of multi-disciplinary experts (project partners), while it foresees an innovative and holistic user-driven and user-focused approach, based on active involvement of the target group from the very beginning and throughout the project implementation, perceiving and involving youth as both target groups/beneficiaries and collaborators/partners.

The project is innovative because it will be delivered through a unique methodology that will involve young people directly. PROMYSE will be youth-led from its design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation. Each partner will directly involve young people who will help construct the evidence base of the programme, lead on the design of its practical results and take part in the evaluation of its impact. Moreover PROMYSE will not only benefit organisations, service providers and the participating countries, but also the users and the involved individuals by providing them with accreditation, high quality internships, increasing their skills and confidence, employability and educational and awareness levels.

The results of the PROMYSE project are the following:

  1. Design and development of an interactive online self-capacitating and networking platform, built around the principles of game theory, incorporating gamification elements that facilitate learning and enhance engagement
  2. Guidance and activation of representatives of the target group to act as “Social Entrepreneurship Ambassadors” (SEAs), that besides offering valuable feedback on the curriculum and the e-platform, will get trained and promote, through a series of targeted awareness raising and engagement campaigns, the developed e-platform to engage their peers
  3. Set-up of at least 6 Coaching and Support Hubs, utilizing the expertise of the partner organisations’ staff, to serve as centres of further support and guidance for the beneficiaries who will enroll and follow the online capacity building course. In the Coaching and Support Hubs the young prospective entrepreneurs will be able to seek specific guidance, information and support with regards to setting up a social enterprise.

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