The project focuses on sharing approaches and lessons learnt across and between public administrations, business development support and financial organisations, social enterprises, non-profit organisations, educational institutions and other public and private organisations supporting migrant entrepreneurship at all levels: cities, regions and countries.

These practices, together with the Good Practices in Promoting and Supporting Migrant Entrepreneurship benchmarking tool (2016), will be the starting point for the modelling of entrepreneurship support schemes for migrants. The main objective is to develop, share and promote support schemes not only for individual migrant entrepreneurs but also for social and inclusive enterprises benefitting migrants. Ultimately, the knowledge gained will be of use for those developing and promoting support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs, leading to a more inclusive society.

The activities foreseen under this project are grouped into 5 Work Packages:

WP1: Creation of a network for migrant entrepreneurship support

WP2: Organisation of events and peer-learning activities

WP3: Evaluation, improvement and further development of existing support schemes

WP4: Wider dissemination of information, guidance and advice

WP5: Participating in a wider European network and building a community

Based on the concept of a supportive ecosystem, the EMEN project brings together relevant players at European, national and regional levels to form transnational networks, which will work together on the basis of existing evidence of what is effective to achieve better impact. These are conceived as being Communities of Practice, within which practitioners can share their knowledge and experience and learn from each other. The main learning tool used for this will be structured peer review among participating individuals and organisations, followed by the dissemination of the resulting learning to a wider circle of stakeholders and organisations.

The network as a whole will operate through three Communities of Practice, each addressing a key component of a comprehensive ecosystem to support migrant entrepreneurship. Its services will be delivered through a dedicated website, publications, an info line and in the case of peer reviews through personal dialogue, coaching and mentoring.

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