In September 2017, a delegation of the COFACE network took a closer look at the “Live Without Bullying” online platform. They reviewed the programme and used it as a starting point for European exchanges on the situation in their respective countries. The aim of the review was to look at the implementation of the good practice (Live Without Bullying) on a practical level, compare it with programmes and challenges in other countries, and assess whether and how it can be transferred to other contexts. The peer review was supported by Digital Parent consulting in the role of independent expert, as well as COFACE policy officers specialising in human rights and inclusive education/ digitalisation and cyber-bullying.

The peer review is now online, stating:

  • “The richness of the Live Without Bullying platform and the quality of the volunteer training are the clear successes of this project…”
  • "Live Without Bullying is a program that provides every opportunity to understand the motives behind bullying, to improve communication with the students who are being bullied and to deal with the children who bully."
  • "Live Without Bullying puts children at the heart of the program and provides valuable support in the form of qualified volunteers available online with the aim of reducing school bullying incidents."

You may find the full peer review here.


Combating HOMophoBic And Transphobic bullying in schools (HOMBAT) is a new European project, aiming to create a solid and sustainable framework for the prevention and combatting of Homophobic & Transphobic (HT) bullying in schools, in Greece, Cyprus and Lithuania.

The new Live Without Bullying campaign conveys a strong message: When there is a will, there is a way. Speak Up!