KMOP participated in the final Conference of the You.Chage.Com project (“You.Change.Com - Empowering Young Disadvantaged Individuals to Trigger Change in their Communities”) organised on the 3rd of May in Almeria (Spain) by the Coordinator of the project “Fundacion Almeria Social y Laboral”.

The opening night performance of “(Princesses) A fairytale about Human Trafficking” took place on Friday, 16th March 2018 at 18.30 p.m. at the Cultural Centre of Kypseli offering free admission to the public. Varvara Daliani and Gerasimos Ioannou have created an educational drama, actively involving the audience, on human trafficking for sexual exploitation and the social role of women, mainly as members of vulnerable groups.

"The official opening event of the EU funded project in Moldova “Technical Assistance to Support the CSO development in the Republic of Moldova” took place at the Palace of the Republic, Chisinau on March 14th, 2018. The event was organised by the Technical Assistance Team of the consortium led by KMOP.