PRACTICE project addresses current challenges & needs of preventing radicalisation in school & of supporting opportunities for teachers' continuing professional development (CPD) in this area. It is rooted in current EU policy development and national realities and responds to two needs: (i) innovation in Continuing Professional Development (CPD); (ii) CPD that links policy to practice in preventing radicalism in the classroom.

CPD programmes have been recognised as not “always sufficiently relevant to (teachers’) individual needs and challenges they face” (2009/C 302/04):“38% of teachers expressed a moderate to high need to be trained in 'Teaching in a multicultural or multilingual setting', only around 13 % had this topic covered by their CPD” (Teaching Profession in Europe 2015; NESET II Report 2016). Moreover the Paris Dec 2015 & RAN 2016 state that teachers need to be empowered in teaching social, civic and cultural competences and critical thinking to their students. This is seen as key action against radicalisation of young people. Council Recommendation proposal on common values, inclusive education and European dimension of teaching (2018) advocates “the right to quality & inclusive education”. In addition, format of current CPD opportunities do not fit in with teaching obligations and therefore a “diversity of formats (including school-based, collaborative CPD or digital courses” (Eurydice & CRELL, 2015) need to be introduced.

The project’s specific objectives are to:

  • Develop an innovative and collaborative EU wide CPD programme on radicalism prevention within school education;
  • Empower teachers through capacity-building activities aimed to equip them with better tools to address diversity in the classroom and to understand and prevent radicalisation processes in educational settings;
  • Enhance the development of critical thinking skills and strengthen citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non–discrimination through education in secondary schools;
  • Foster the inclusion of students from all ethnic, faith and social backgrounds creating a safe space to become active and responsible citizens and open-minded members of society.

The project will begin with creation of a Comparative Research Report (IO1) formed of both desk research and primary research with participants. This will then inform the development of the PRACTICE Radicalisation Prevention Programme (IO2) and Guidelines for Teachers (IO3) which will be the CPD tools that will support teachers’ skills development. The development will be followed by a piloting and evaluation phase in order to ensure high quality outputs, then a further development phase to which the results of the pilot will contribute. The results of the testing and evaluation of IO 2&3 with IO1 will be gathered to create a PRACTICE Policy Recommendations Paper (IO4).