The 24th of January is the 1st ever International Day of Education, which was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on December 2018. Education was, is and always be the most effective tool for the empowerment of vulnerable people and the building of more resilient and sustainable societies at global level.

The importance and necessity of education in international level has been also identified in the Sustainable Development Goal 4 “Quality Education” which aims to ensure inclusive  and equitable quality education. Furthermore, the statistics are alarming, as approximately 262 million children and youth still do not attend school, 617 million children and adolescents cannot read and do basic math, less than 40% of girls in sub-Saharan Africa complete lower secondary school and some four million children and youth refugees are out of school.

Within this context, KMOP-Social Action and Innovation Centre having people and education always in its core activities and trying to produce positive social impact has undertaken a wide range of educational projects. The main goal is to ensure equal access for all in education, to eliminate gender disparities, to increase the number of youth who have the appropriate skills for employment and decent jobs and to contribute to a better and more inclusive world.

Migrants, LGBTs, unemployed, low-skilled, vulnerable people of all age groups are among the target groups of these projects.

Some of the indicative projects that KMOP has implemented, combining the educational perspective with an innovative approach, are the following: