European Development Days is an event organized by European Commission on 18th-19th of June, aiming to bring together the development community to share ideas and experiences on how to address inequalities.

The main point of this event is the establishment of an equal and inclusive world,   as catalyst for progress towards global sustainable development. The agenda is based on the following 3 themes:

  • Why inequalities matter for sustainable development
  • Understanding the structural causes of inequalities
  • Working better together through more effective policies to address inequalities

KMOP’s mission to inspire and support innovative ideas, oriented to change people’s lives, tackling the causes of vulnerability and promoting inclusive and sustainable growth for everyone is correlated with the concept of European Development Days.

Specifically, KMOP has undertaken and implemented initiatives to promote gender equality, equal access to education, equal opportunities for all. These themes are of major importance in order to ensure a sustainable and inclusive growth for all, where no one will be left behind.

Education is the most powerful tool that KMOP uses to successfully counter all these issues. By promoting behavioral changes to counter gender based violence (GEM), educational opportunities to those who are drop-outs (Drop-In), inclusion irrespective of age (BeOld), sexual orientation (E.T.Ho.S) and by empowering vulnerable women (J.U.M.P) KMOP aims at positively influencing people’s lives.

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