On the 27th of February 2015, an inter-cultural event took place at KMOP's headquarter, in Athens. The event was implemented in the frame of the project titled "Capacity Building Relay Race – CaBuReRa", which aims at the promoting of the intercultural dialogue and the reducing of youth unemployment through mobility programmes, carried out in six Mediterranean countries (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine).

KMOP is pleased to announce the launch of the “FamilEU: Family Training to Support their Marginalized and Disadvantaged Members” project in collaboration with CARDET from Cyprus, KTP from the Czech Republic and other partners from Italy, Slovenia, Austria, and Spain.

KMOP, in the frame of the European Lifelong Learning project titled "ValidVol: validation of key competences in voluntary service organisations", participated in the international training seminar which took place in Linz, on the 21st and 22nd of January 2015. The seminar aimed at the training of experienced volunteers. In total, twenty five participants, coming from Austria, Greece, Italy, Spain and U.K, shared their thoughts on volunteering and were properly trained so as to become "master validators". The master validators will support the volunteers who will participate in the ValidVol validation process.