The "Co-Happiness: Happy and safe in the Community" project addresses issues related to child abuse and maltreatment. Nine organizations from six European countries (The Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Italy and Romania) will gather their efforts together for the next three years to understand and identify the causes of child abuse and will develop strategies and instruments to fight and prevent this phenomenon.

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The 24th of January is the 1st ever International Day of Education, which was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on December 2018. Education was, is and always be the most effective tool for the empowerment of vulnerable people and the building of more resilient and sustainable societies at global level.

The C2E project takes the approach of addressing the issues that young carers have little opportunity to improve their position in society through regular employment and so entrepreneurship is a real opportunity for them to overcome these hurdles. In fact academic studies suggest, an entrepreneurial approach may help them accomplish several goals, such as increased self-worth and satisfaction by overcoming these barriers to entering the labour market.