Working with local and regional government and stakeholders (public social welfare institutions and municipal common benefit enterprises), KMOP has designed and assisted in the delivery of tailor-made job placement services for 4.650 beneficiaries through 21 Local Job Creation Programmes in 14 different Greek regions, covering more than 40 Municipalities across the country. The programmes have targeted the most vulnerable groups amongst the unemployed in the local communities in which they were implemented, in particular the long-term unemployed, minorities, single parented families, people with low skills and people living below the poverty line.

This Action Plan was successfully implemented, with KMOP providing the following services to the selected Municipalities:

  • Identifying the major disadvantaged groups among the local unemployed population (i.e. long-term unemployed, minorities, single parented families, people with low skills, people below poverty line etc.)
  • Identifying the needs of the disadvantaged unemployed persons of the region
  • Establishing a connection between these needs and the competitive advantages of the local labour market
  • Designing awareness raising campaigns
  • Providing training to the employees of the selected Municipalities providing employment promotion services
  • Providing mentoring and coaching services to the 4.650 persons mobilized for the project
  • Transferring know-how to the selected Municipalities about professional re-orientation and provision of support to the unemployed of the region
  • Combining and connecting different institutional structures of the region (i.e. local Authorities, organizations belonging to local Authorities, NGOs) for highlighting sustainable employment opportunities for the unemployed of the region