Nation-wide Information and Communication Campaign to raise awareness on human trafficking among students and youth: "STOP TRAFFICKING"


The purpose of this project was to raise awareness about human trafficking among youth, students, the academic community and the general public and increase knowledge and understanding of how to identify the signs of and report Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) through a nation-wide information and communication campaign that reached more than 8.000 beneficiaries in total.

The project involved two major components:

Component 1: Education and Training activities, incl:

  • Development of an anti-trafficking educational curriculum designed to teach high school students and university students about modern-day slavery and human trafficking. The curriculum was developed based on training needs assessment of the target audiences and accordingly pilot tested before its full roll-out. The implementation of the curriculum saw the organisation of 40 educational seminars and 20 information sessions and round tables in 20 different University schools for more than 500 beneficiaries.
  • Set-up of 5 information kiosks in public locations in 5 Greek cities and 20 info desks in educational institutions across the country.

Component 2. Information and Awareness Raising activities, incl:

  • Development and implementation of a communication plan to raise public awareness and educate on the indicators of THB, incl.
    • Development and wide dissemination of printed materials for use at all types of events (handbooks, booklets, brochures, leaflets, etc)
    • Media outreach programme and social media campaign (TV/radio spots, interviews, press conferences, online communities, etc)
    • Public information and communication events targeting students and youth, as well as teachers, parents and the general public
    • Use of online information sharing and dissemination tools (online interactive platform and project website).